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Valve Body Gasket #'s, Can anyone confirm 97 sohc?


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April 4, 2006
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Johnson City, TN
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1997 Explorer Sport SOHC
Just received all my items for valve body rebuild on a 1997 Ford Explorer, 4WD, Auto, 4.0L SOHC. As outlined in diary including EPC, Ford Kit, Superior Kit, etc. (to correct 2-3 slip shift random, slow reverse).

2l5Z-7D100-BA (Sep. plate to main control gasket)
2l5Z-7C155-AA (Sep. plate to case gasket)

Received (as stamped on gaskets):

Was told that these were the same, can anyone confirm?
Also, is it worthwhile to replace the orings on the shift solenoids?

Not sure of the gasket PN's. When tring to find the part numbers in the Fast Parts site, only the ordered PNs came up. You may want to email them or ask Ford. Also, did you order the new seperator plate (F77Z-7A008-EB 97GT-AE/BE)?

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I ordered a couple of solenoid O-rings (run about $5-6 each, two (large & small) per solenoid) but have not installed them as yet. I plan on revisting the VB this weekend (weather permitting) after the original VB rebuild which did not fix my problem. I do plan on doing the Superior EPC Riser (which I skipped the first time), adjust the bands and possibly replacing the SS2 solenoid. Will post results after all is done.

Good luck with your rebuild!

Rrbaud, I had no luck trying to compare those part numbers either. The 2L5P-7D100-BA and AA appear to be the same gaskets...?

I can tell you that the upper and lower gaskets are enirely different, as to the location and shape of the holes.

If your new Ford separator plate has bonded gaskets, then the loose gaskets aren't required.

Good luck and welcome to the forum. :chug: