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Valve & Clutch Project for Newbie


November 4, 2001
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Lexington, KY
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'94 XLT 4WD
I opened my mouth and out it came: "Yes, I'll do your valve job and your clutch for you, Father-in-law!" (He did my wife and I a favor, I need to pay him back.)

I am pretty knowledgable about MY vehicles but I have a list of questions about his 94 XLT 4WD w/ 4.0 (he says it's not an OHC engine). He's got 209k on it, drives it like a red-headed step child and this is what I was going to do:

Pull the head, do a 3 angle valve job, replace valve seals (not guides unless they rock +0.020... I just made that spec up), have head pressure tested, machined flat, adjust gap and throw it back on.

Here's my questions:

1. What is THE book you boys use- Chilton's (certainly not the Haynes, please tell me not the Haynes), Bentley, what?

2. Are these hydraulic lifters in the 94?

3. Do the water pump & timing belt get changed too by default while there or is that a different job, different week?

4. Besides the gasket set, what else parts do I need?

Lastly, please be nice, I'm just throwing out these terms like I know what I'm talking about with the Ford. I don't own one, I don't drive one... just stuff I know about with my units (German stuff, you wouldn't like it :)

I'm posting seperately on the clutch job.


BTW, this is a really nice board. The one I use for the other units is more heavily trafficked, but not as user friendly.



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July 8, 1999
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Gaithersburg, Maryland
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04 Rubicon w/stuff
My answers+

Valve guide specs from my 91 FSM are .0008- .0025" intake, .0018-.0035 exhaust.
You will need new guides with 200k no doubt.

1. The factory service manual is really the only manuaal anyone who works on their vehicles past Oil and filter changes should have - well worht the 100 bucks. The best - but most expensive. For removing the heads the most important info is the torque map and values for the heads AND the intake manifold- they both need to be done together, so any manual with the values should be OK. In addition to the FSM I have the Haynes and it has what you need.

2. Hydraulic roller lifters

3.Different job different week.

4. Gaskets from FORD for the intake and the valve cover. The gaskets from Ford are worth the money IMO. With 200k the lifter,pushrods and rocker arms I would pay very close attention to- I personally would replace them all. Check Stevens parts for 4.0 take offs at great prices. with 200k check spring pressures also.

Clean the upper and lower intakes while you have them off they will be caked with crud.

you need some torx sockets for some of the studs and a inch lb torque wrench for the intake.

Some other info for you -The Ford 4.0 is a German engine made in Cologne Germany- all of the parts are Made in Germany so not too far from your vehicles !!!

Good luck and have fun.