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VB Rebuild Parts


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June 27, 2005
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1992 XLT
Just wanting to check here before I start my rebuild. Other than the two VB rebuild kits listed in the a4ld rebuild diary is there any other kits, new parts, ect you reccommend putting in while doing the rebuild? If so, part numbers would be great. This may even make a good sticky, VB rebuild parts and parts numbers?

Edit: Im having that low/reverse problem with slow engagements, do I just want to get a replacement stock low/reverse servo or is there an aftermarket one that is better?

Ive also felt a little slipping in OD a few days ago, 3rd gear I think if that helps any.

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Actually since I did that post there IS something new. Sonnax came out with bore end plugs with O-rings. I HIGHLY recommend them. Here is a link to a supplier:

Valve Body end plug seals...


while you are there here are a couple other things I recommend

Boost valve...



Anti-Shudder Spring


I'll have to make sure that is not a duplicate from a kit.... been a while. Hope this helps. Do not forget the manual valve indexer... Sonnax 56947-01.. Not show currently on that website but they carry it for $17.60.

Also while you are ordering, if you cannot get them locally, this is a good place to order and get:

Valve Body gaskets



pan gasket


Hope this helps.

exactly what I was lookin for. Thanks, ill get down to ordering soon. And for the low/reverso servo is that a stock replacement part or is there an aftermarket one?

There is no aftermarket servo. There are differing aftermarket seals... but for now go with stocK O-rings.

That same company sells 2 other types of seals that go onto the low/reverse servo instead of using the standard O-rings. One is the double wiper kit for $1.52 (regular rubber with a double sealing edge), and the TransTec viton seal kit for $2.70. If your reverse band is a little worn, then you could use the 56605E reverse servo extendo pin for $2.56.