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Vehicle key cut information


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November 24, 2017
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Cedar Park, Texas
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2017 Explorer Limited
I'm going through my manual of my 2017 Explorer Limited and there is a section that talks about a security tag that can be used to recut keys if necessary. Where can I find this tag? I got the securicode card. Is that the same thing? What does this tag look like?

Ok. So it just occurred to me that I don't really need a key to get in the car and start it. That is unless there is no power. I guess my question now is what happens if I lose the key fobs? Can a dealer reprogram one for me without the existing ones?

The tag I believe you are talking about should have been with your keys if you bought it new. If you did not get it look at your sales contract there usually is a spot on there that the salesman will write down the key code. If it is not there call the salesman he can get the key codes for you. I put them in my phone just in case. Any locksmith can cut a key with these codes.
A new remote can be programed if you loose yours.

Mine were in the form of a self adhesive tag stuck on the back of both fobs.