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Venom intake Guard


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April 10, 2007
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East Lansing, MI
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96 XLT
Alright, Yesturday I found this little Guy in the Junkyard (look Here) and decided I'd add it to my truck after alittle painting. Here's a Thread On what I did. I am goign to try and go with a Venom (from Spiderman) theme to all the custom paint stuff I do. I'm starting here to see how good I can make it look. If this isn't in the right thread I'm sorry.
The Begining Peice how it was from the Junk yard

I then Cleaned it up with some soap and water and let it dry. I also Pencilled some Designs, just to get an idea.

Then I taped up everything I didn't want any Of the Paint to get on.

This is everything I used after this point.
Masking Tape
Sharp Exacto Knife
Spray paint color of your choosing
Cotton Twine

I first started by making small 4-5 in segments of Twine. I just coiled it up and then cut at the Circle part. To Create........


I then Mixed the Glue with some water ( just like Paper Mache) and took two or three or four strands and soaked them in the glue and then modeled them in the way I wanted them to look on the Piece. Just be creative. After I was all the way done I took one more picture. It looked like this.

Then I got the Spray paint out. I used Chevrolet Orange (It was left over from my S10...It's all I had, I swear). I then went to town and got this resulting look.

I then Peeled off all the String and Tape and Was somewhat Pleased with the results. I may get some Black Touch up paint and make the Lines a bit more Defined. But this is what It looks like.


I'm goign to put it on once I do the Intake Gaskets and get a Chance to paint that close to the same way. That's if I can wait, I may even have pictures up tomorrow. What do you all think? It's my first paint related thing on my X. It's not As nice as I wanted. But turned out better then I expected. :-D

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Not too bad. Not crazy about the color, but if it works well with your body color, than it might not be too bad. The only thing I'd do different is to either mask the lettering, or paint it a different color so it stands out more. Overall though, quite good! :thumbsup:

Are you doing anything to the rest of the engine compartment?

Actually I was thinking about painting the letters black to let them stand out like you said. I just don't have any paint here. I plan on using that Color for most of my engine mods. Even though it's C-----. It'll look good with the green of my truck though. I'll probably be touching it up tomorrow.

so r u going to put this on ur 96 xlt or what

I think you should paint the letters black too, lets see this thing in the engine bay. =D

Yeah, It's goign in my 96 XLT (that's all I have). And I'll take Pictures when it's day time and warmer. It's no more then 10 degrees up here right now. I LOVE Michigan.

:edit: Storlied, I didn't realize you live in Alaska. So techincally it'd be down here. But it's still cold. In the morning.

It's 22 here. =) Just got over the -45.. lol

OK, I got it on the truck and finally am able to post it. I used one of the touch up paint tube things to clean it up and I used the "pen" part to make the squiggles. I must say, I like it.



I have to say that it looks really good installed. Now you have to do the rest of the engine!