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Vented Seat Data

mainly depends on clothing worn, thinner they are the more obvious the temperature change. Also make sure the bottom of the seat is clear of objects. The fan motors just pick up whatever the rear floor vents under the front seats blow out? Maybe take the 2nd row seat mats and rest them on the back of the front seats to trap the air and help direct it thru the fan motors under the front seats. If you do, post the results

Your sears have a fan and a TEDS unit in the back. Most likely you have a white sock with ridged foam in it drawing air from under the seats and exhausting the hot air into the backs. There is a kit you can buy to replace the sock and route the exhaust out the bottom. Look for a few post here about cooling seats. There is a guy on the F150 forums that makes the kits and sells them off his website seat guru.

If you put the AC on floor and dash it helps there are AC ducts under the seats for the cooling unit to draw from