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Ventvisor/Door wind noise??


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May 19, 2011
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2011 EXplorer Limited
I had the Ford factory vent visors installed after purchase of the vehicle. I now have a loud wind noise at the top of the windows, almost as if the door was not shut tight.

The door is in fact shut tight and the door seals are not the issue. Anyone else have this problem?

Anyone else install different vent visors that do not make noise? Just to confirm for those who don't have the visors, it is quiet?

I do not remember it being this loud when traveling down the highway during my test drives or a 10 hour trip before vent visors.....

Thanks for the input. And no its not the A-pillar....that has been fixed a couple of times....hopefully this time for good.

The AVS brand makes wind noise as well. It has to do with the aerodynamics of the Explorer & the visors breaking that. For me, the noise is not an issue (but I did notice it) & the benefits of the visors override anny issues.

Without the visors installed, try driving down the highway with all the windows down........

I was asked the same thing, did the AVS make noise on the highway so since I just installed them yesterday, I took a trip on the way home to check.

I'm sure they make some noise, but to be perfectly honest, I could not distinguish any change in noise from when the windows are normally open. I find the Explorer a terrible wind trap in that with all the windows open, it feels like an aerodynamic brick with some reasonable percussion. The vent visors actually improve upon that a bit.

So in a nutshell, I would not let that influence your decision not to get them.