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Verizon email addresses..


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January 17, 2000
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Verizon is rejecting all email from

So, those of you who use Verizon for email, well, it's not working. Your email address in your personal profile has been deleted as it become non-functional over the weekend. You can replace that email address with a non-verizon email address, and you'll get notifications, or you can call up Verizon, and ask who reported us as "spam" and then proceed to knock them into the next century.

Please do not report any email from as spam; that only causes you, the members bad problems. does not support any UCE of any sort. If you receive an email from, you checked the box "Allow to send you email". If you DO NOT WANT ANY EMAIL from, please uncheck the box in your profile, and then delete your email address.

If you DO believe you received spam/UCE from, send the complete email (that means headers and all) to me ( for analysis. I will then proceed to schedule the thermal nuclear actions, with questions asked later.. Oh, all right, we will just investigate and get back to you with what happened.

Many times, virus/spam will use forged addresses and come from totally un-related hosts to; we have no control over those sources except to educate the end uses to forward such spam to me for investigation.

Thank you for your support.