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Very loud squeaking


March 2, 2012
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Macomb, IL
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As i am driving down the road every little bump i hit my truck makes a really loud squeak noise. If i am driving down a moderately bumpy road my truck sounds like 2 fat people "wrastlin" on a futon. If i stand on the side steps and jump move up and down the truck squeaks like crazy. It sounds like it's coming from the back half somewhere but i have no idea what the hell it is making this noise. I thought it was the shocks but now i am not so sure. Any ideas?

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Could be the shocks, if they are the original style shock with metal upper sleeve will rub on the main shock body, causing a squeeking, squealing sound. It could also be the leafsprings and or shackles bushings. Get under ther and spray all the shackles bolts/ bushings, sway bar bushings and shock bushings with PB Blaster. This should solve it.

Shocks would be my first guess. Mine did the same thing until I replaced them.
Could it also be the body bushings?

Okay...don't jump all over me on this one...

Had a back end rattle I couldn't find. Had the bed cover off to get a rear end for the cougar project. Leaned against tailgate and there it was. Sprayed the hinges and latches with silicon lube and the squeak went away.

Good luck with yours. Squeaks and rattles are the worst!


for the cougar project

Cougar project!?! I must know more.

Sorry for the hijack. I love my Sport Trac but I would destroy this forum if my Cougar asked. :D

Better to be something simple like that than something major.