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VERY rough ride!!


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February 23, 2003
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1998 Explorer XLT AWD
Hello all,

I changed the front and rear shocks on my 98xlt. Before I changed them, the ride was so damn rough, each time I hit the slightest bump, I feared a window was going to break or I was going to get thrown out of the damn truck!! After I changed them, using monroe shocks, the RIDE STILL FEELS THE SAME!! WTF?? What can I do to smooth my ride? I'm to the point where I just want to trade this piece of sh-t in for a Jeep or something!

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Have you lowered the truck? How is the rear height? Sag?

I haven't done ANYTHING to it since I bought it used from Ford. Everything is factory. The height seems to be the same as any other explorer I see.

It could be a result of the infamous Explorer rear end sag.

Go out and measure the distance from a flat level surface to the lip of the wheel well on all four corners and then post that data here.

Good luck.....

Well it does seem to be sag in the back but sits up in the front. It's been like that since I bought it. What can be done about this?

i have a little sag in mine but yours sounds really harsh. i know my rough ride was from crappy balljoints and i got jarred around alot.

Also check and see what your tire pressure is.

If you know someone with another Explorer, take a ride on that one just to compare. You might be camparing a truck ride to a car like ride. It ain't gonna happen.

I just want to trade this piece of sh-t in for a Jeep or something!


wow you think that ride is bad! you better test drive some jeeps before you say stuff like that. i own a first generation and i love the ride (like a truck) and imagine all the money you would lose trading in an explorer.

What kind of shocks did you put on? I know some shocks are very stiff and are best for off-roading while some shocks are a bit softer and are suited to on-road driving. My Monroes are the best of both worlds.

My mother drives a 3rd gen which her ride and mine are a world apart. I've got Ranchos which jolt me around, but they ride like an Explorer should...her's is a grocery getter and mine is not.

I put Monroe's on them from Autozone. I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money for shocks and find out that it still rides the same. I mean, should I just get used to being banged around because that's how these things are or what?

What kind of tires do you have on it?

Pretty much it's going to be bumpy. I personally haven't riden in a silky smooth X. The 3rd gens with the 4 wheel independent suspension are the nicest I've riden in. I don't know too much about Monroes, my friend has a set on his '92 Sport, I don't know which model but they are a pretty rough ride.

what are your torsion bars rated at