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vht night shade- Black tail light spray

Guys there is no need to ask each other how old we are and start calling people by name.

Lets all be adults and move on.

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Just clean down your tail lights with rubbing alcohol and dry it off then sand them down with high grid sand paper just to ruff it up a little bit then mark off your reverse light with some masking take and hold the can about 6 in off and make a couple runs over it and let it dry then use a little clear coat and itll look great, thats what i did and you cant see any red on mine

yo rob cay - how did you exclude the rev. lights, looks really good.

OK I broke down and bought the Nightshades and some Dupli-color clear. Had a hard time at first (to heavy of a coat) at first but then I figured it out. I sanded in between each coat and when I put on the clear it looks dull. I sanded it down again and put a heavier coat on...not very glossy. I dont think it will make a difference if I sand it down and polish it out because it isn't glossy to begin with.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have only done this to my 3rd brake light so I don't mess up my tails yet.

I think I figured out my issue. I picked up some Duplicolor high gloss laquer instead of the enamel. Need to sand all the laquer off and spray the enamel on. Hope this works!!

Update - Yes that was the issue!! Looks like it is supposed to now....

Just tinted my tail lights and 3rd brake today.. i achieved the color that bloody red look that i was going for.. although i dont think i got the mirror finish i was hoping. although it is dark now i will take a look in the morning to see how they look and snap a picture. If its the case anyone know a secret to getting that mirror finish?

And yes i did wet sand after the clear coat and i used rubbing compound

It was probably the clear you are using. I had the same problem and I finally bought some Acrylic Enamel clear coat and put on 2 light coats and then 1 heavy. It came out pretty glossy but I still need to wetsand and polish it out.

i bought acrylic enamel clear.. but its nothing giving me that mirror? finish..

would wet sanding it again and more? give it a more look.
or should i rubbing compound and wax it more?

We just did my younger brothers 95 F350 Turbo Powerstroke, we did his cab/running lights, third brake light, and taillights. It looks great since the truck is huge. 6" leaf lift, 37x13.5x18 18" DC-1's. Front diff cover, sway bar, flag mounts, skid plate, driveshafts, and rear diff are all neon green.
This is it, w/o the tinting, I haven't got new pics yet.


And yes that's a 90lb. clevis on the back,

Rhinolined floors

And the best part, the custom emblems we put on the back.

After you've wet sanded with at least 2000 grit sand paper it should feel really smooth to the touch and you shouldn't see any peel. After that, follow up with some rubbing compound (rub hard and in one direction). Use a clean microfiber cloth for the best result. Follow that up with some wax or polish and you should be there.

Make sure your clear and your tint paint are compatible. If they are not the same i.e. one is lacquer and the other is enamel, they will only play well together in the right order. Lacquer will remove enamel and haze it up, So the enamel can go over the lacquer but not the other way around.

i ahd vht on my tailight cops never said anything but finally i went with smoked euro tailights and i have found the best way to remove vht if with laquer thinnger it leave kinda a film but if you will take a buffer and some wax it will make them look brand new

Wow everybody has too many opposing ideas and thoughts about everything on this thread. Im guna lay it out flat... Yes the Nite shades and headlight/tail lights covers are illegal, you can get nites shades at almost any autoparts store or auto customizing shop and to get a clear look with the nite shades if you use them make sure you spary it with really low humitity and a steady 70-75 degrees outside and then you wont have to do all the wet sanding and other BS. Heres a better idea for everyone do whatever you like to you truck, X, car that you think looks good and wait and see if you get pulled over and ticketed.

It's all about how much light the tinted lights put out, atleast in michigan, there's a limit on light restrictions. I've looked it up and as long as it's visable at a certain distance then it's legal. I don't have exact details.


I did mine a while back, i just sprayed on the VHT to the darknest i wanted then added clear and wetsanded between coats until i got the shine i wanted
No tickets yet

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