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Vibrating At 80!


September 25, 2000
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Every time I get the truck up to about 75-80 mph it starts to vibrate. I have new tires, and had them balanced twice! No Dice. It almost feels like my transfer case or u-joints. Has anyone else had this problem?
Or is it just an all wheel drive thing? I'm Stumped! Help!

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My Explorer has vibrated on the highway off and on since i got it 6 years ago. Balancing helps for a while and new tires help for a while. For me it is around 60mph so I have to drive faster or slower to avoid it. Very annoying aspect of an otherwise good vehicle.

it isnt a porsche you shouldnt go that fast in it anyway if you dont like the vibration. when i drive aroun 90-95 my pass seat moves about 3 inches and squeks. i got used to it and turned up the stereo

Perhaps I meant 50mph - I am trying to convert from 100kph because they swiched us to metric in gradeschool and obviously I wasn't payin attention.

I think I was told by someone that the tires only get balenced up to speeds of 65 MPH so driving 80 MPH may be vibrating just from wheels that weren't balanced to that soeed. My mom;s 94 ford van vibrates at 65 or 70 with new tires. normally we just don;t drive it much faster then that.