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Vibration between gears.


March 6, 2008
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Raleigh, NC
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'00 XLT 5.0L AWD
This isn't currently a huge issue, but before it becomes one, I was hoping to maybe receive some help. At times, when my transmission is switching gears, there is a quick moment where there's a vibration of sorts. It's almost as if I was running over a rumble strip between gears, and just for a split second. I quickly asked a guy at the local Ford dealership, and he mentioned that I may just need to flush my tranny and possibly buy some additive Ford makes for transmissions to fix such problems. Has anyone else come across something similar? Any suggestions? Thanks,


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I know this is an old post but I am having the same problem and would really like to get this taken care of.

I have a 1998 explorer with a V8 and I'm guessing a 4r70w transmission. Every once in a while I will get a vibration when it shifts gears. Doesn't seem to be any particular gear or whether I'm trying to pass or anything. Like the original poster said it feels like I'm going over those rumble strips.

Anybody have any ideas???


Ditto. I just posted another thread with the same problem. 1996 XLT auto with a rebuilt transmission and a Transgo shift kit and the upgraded valve body plate and the recall kit. Do you guys have any of the same mods?

I am having the same problem, once it warms up it seems to be fine. After searching the site for answers here is what I plan to do:

1. Check tire pressure to make sure they are inflated correctly and evenly.

2. Jack up the truck and make sure there is no play anywhere (try to rock the tires back, forth, up down - same for shafts/u joints)

4. It may have a chance of being alignment/balancing issue (but i think it would occur more consistently if that were the case)

3. If all of this checks out, drop the trans. pan and change the filter.

"Jlsparky7" has a good video

After high mileage the fluid starts to break down

If your ride is on the higher side, some have suggested dropping the pan a few times over a long period as opposed to changing the filter inside the pan and then flushing the tranny all together (completely new fluid swap) if it has never been changed there is a risk of the clean fluid flush loosening up deposits within the unit causing potential damage.

If you do decide to drop your pan, don't be surprised if you find a plastic plug rolling around in the bottom of it. This would be an indication that the filter has never been done as the plug comes from the assembly line during production.

Hope this helps!

2000 Mercury Mountaineer with a scant 62,000 miles. Same issue.

1996 4r70w awd

I had the same problem with 1996 AWD V8 with the 4R70W trany. The rumple strip feel only came going into OD and when the engine was under strain. If i backed off the throttle at about 45mph it shifted fine. I just had the fluid including TC drained. Replaced the filter and my mechanic added Shudder Fix additive and it WORKED. So Far about 20 miles. Hopefully it will buy me some time to save up for a rebuild. Oh I have 164K on the truck right now.

i have only 85k on my explorer, its a 2000 eb awd v8 and its doing the same thing as the guys truck above me^. Its been doing it since 80k, just never thought anything of it, but at my next oil change I'm gonna have the ford guy look at it and see what he says, I'm gonna get a full fluid flush and filter change of the transmission and transfer case regardless and probably add some type of additive to the fluid that maybe will fix the rumble strip noise at 45mph-50mph shifting into 4th(od).

(truck is completely stock all around, no lift or anything, only "mods" are the mac intake and some appearance stuff, that's it.)

Hello, I'm having the same problem could someone tell me where i can purchase the shudder fix? Thanks Jason

I think NAPA has LubeGuard.

Dr. Doom

Thanks is it the same as the "shudder fix" and should i change the fluid when i do it?


Jay, yes it is the same Shudder Fix. They have other products also:
You can add it in, or do it when changing the fluid, which I would do if it has not been done recently, or if you cannot verify what fluid was used for the last service.

If anyone's still interested in this, I used: awhile ago and that vibration thing is completely fixed! Perfect now, shifts are nice and smooth. Its been a few months too and don't think its going to come back any time soon.
Just make sure you open the bottle outside, it smells REALLY bad lol.