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Vibration during acceleration


August 8, 2005
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Crossett, AR
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'92 XLT
I have a 92 XLT, it vibrates while accelerating but only from 35-45mph, after that it smooths out. I have searched the forums for similar issues, but couldn't find a fix that jived with my particular case.

It vibrates during the stated speed range, but only if accelerating. If I let off the gas some while maintaining 35-45mph, it's as smooth as can be. I've changed the spark plugs, plug wires, and cleaned my MAF.

Only known issues are slightly loose front end due to worn out shocks, front tires need to be aligned and replaced.

Any suggestions on what to look at next? I plan on getting 4 new tires in the near future.


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replace the shocks NOW!!!!! THEN LOOK INTO possible drive line u-joints ect. but first shocks and if your tires are not round this is also a cause. bald tire separate and is often very hard to see with eye, they can consume 10-80-100% of a tire (large bubble of air between plys of the tire

IF it only happens when on the gas, it sounds like the syptom I had a few years ago.. It was a vibration that started at only certain speeds, then went to all speeds.. mine was bad u-joints (they weren't loose, they were practically frozen)


Yeah id say like everyone said above... replace U-joints

worse case senario, driveshaft gets off balance; or even differential parts get jarred up. But thats not a common problem, inspect those u-joints.

Thanks for all the help. I will take a look at them this afternoon.

I looked at all the U-joints this afternoon. Looked on the driveshaft and the wheel joints. I did not find anything obviously wrong. Is there a proper procedure for inspecting a u-joint? I tried twisting them to look for play and a visual inspection.


i had this problem but b4 it got bad, it was from 45-50 then exactly at 60 the whole truck woudl shake. after we replaced the tranny didnt happen again. i dont know why it did that, it just did

Your desription sounds like a textbook U joint problem. As others have said.

Are there grease zerks on your U-joints? If not they are originals and should be replaced

They are the original U-joints. Is it a very difficult job to raplace them yourself? If I decide to take it to a shop, any idea how much I should expect to pay?


its is a specific process to replace the joint . it will save you allot of money if you remove the drive-shaft/`s [ft & rear] and bring them to a drive-line spec. shop or reputable mechanic. there are two joints on the rear shaft. they should run you about 10-35 dollars each. [many manufactures]. if your going to have a shop do it might want to let them obtain parts for you in order for a guarantee. most shops will not even install a customer. purchased part!!!!. i would recommend shop doing it if you have never seen or done it yourself, or not have anyone around that has. but you should have no trouble taking it or them out....oh ya and its should not be more then a 1 1/2 hours labor more like 1 hour labor but most shop will have a set price for the job at least if they do allot of them..

Thanks. I am going to get 4 new tires and an alignment in the next week or so just to make sure that part is right. My friend said today that he has replaced U-joints in Fords before so we will change out the driveshaft U-joints when I get the truck back from the tire place.

Seems like 9 times out of 10 when you get vibration on acceleration, it is the u-joints.

Don't forget to lube the slip yoke while you're at it!

Going to AutoZone this afternoon to get the u-joints and some grease. Will replace them tonight and see what happens!

Well, I got 2 new U-joints installed on the driveshaft - it took a lot of work until I got the right tool. The vibration has gone away and she's running smooth again. Getting new tires and an alignment tomorrow, so all should be right again.

Thanks to all for the help.