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Vibration/slow WOT full throttle, jolt


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January 26, 2003
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Sorry for cross posting, I didn't get anything on the 2006-2010 forum.

2008 Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 4x4, 100k miles.

So this is not new it's been an issue since I've owned the truck but it's not really bothered me because I don't push my 4.0 very hard. However, when I need to accelerate hard especially full throttle, it's very loud and feels like it's vibrating in the engine bay. Most puzzling is that it isn't really much faster when I do it - like the power is being wasted if that makes sense?

The reason I am bringing it up now is that also my transmission is downshifting more rough and shifting not as smoothly as it did. I'm pretty in tune to a failing tranny, it's not slipping and it doesn't feel like that I've destroyed many transmissions in my old beater ford trucks throughout the years.

The vibration isn't really felt as much in the steering wheel but you can feel it in the front of the floor and gas pedal.

I'm wondering if these things may be related. I also don't know if the transmission "issues" are really me being spoiled because my 2016 explorer shifts much less like a truck and maybe I just got used to it. I know my older explorers (1995 and 2003) also shifted more noticeably and downshifted made noise or clunks pretty often. So I don't know if I am overreacting on that front - I will say I don't recall feeling downshifts this frequently or this severely. It's not alarming but it's noticeable.

Any ideas?

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No one has experienced anything like this or has any ideas?

I have - but I'm pretty sure we have different transmissions. I'm running the 5R55E and this is common with a bad separator plate gasket. On my wife's rig it is about every 70K.

Bought a new 2016 Ford Explorer. And when getting onto the interstate and really giving it some gas it shifts so hard it sounds like something is going to break loose. Anybody else having issues with this?

No nothing. Service guy got it to do it and Ford said to reset the computer. Got it home and it did it again. They are going to take it back and see if they can get it fixed. Only a month old and less than 2500 miles.

OP- My '99 (4l V6) is starting to do the same thing. Did you find a solution to or determine what the problem was?