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Vibration When Braking


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June 29, 2015
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Clearwater, Florida
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2005 Ford Explorer XLT
When I brake, especially if going over 40MPH or so, the front end seems to vibrate quite a bit.

My brake pads aren't in the best condition and I have a new set of rotors and pads coming next week (ugh, I hate shipping time).

Does it sound like something new rotors and pads might fix?

Usually a pulsing or vibration on braking is most likely due to warped rotors in the front. Make sure you, or whatever shop you go to is not reinstalling your wheels with an impact wrench, each of the lugs need to be torqued down properly to prevent this from happening again to you. Otherwise, it may just be normal wear and tear. New rotors and pads will definitely remedy it, barring you don't have a bent rim or something, if you need any further guidance with brakes please contact me through this site. Thanks