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Viper 791xv install

3- tach wire, I connected it directly to the coil pack in the engine bay, I dont think I hooked up the neutral safety switch.

the second 3 - I dont think so

4- mine unlock all doors on first unlock

no relays used ( havn't hooked up trunk release or dome light yet)

Mine is an 04 XLT and a Clifford Matrix 50.5X (basicly the same thing)

Hey, something that really helped me was this:
that pretty much tells you what wires to use for everything. i did not have to bypass anything because my car did not have PATS as it is a 95. I am pretty sure i ended up not using the tach wire...unless it is the purple/white wire in which case mine is connected under the hood to one of those harnesses. i did not use the factory disarm wire that i am aware of, but then again i did this install about a year an a half ago. i did not connect the second unlock. when i unlock it unlocks them all. that wiring diagram is really helpful, it tells you where to connect which wires so if my responses didnt tell you too much, hopefully that will. i dont really remember specifics about the install since it was so long ago. good luck!

Many thanks to Blitzk and Fish man for your quick respond. I will try to give it a shot this weekend.