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Viper alarm triggers while driving


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June 2, 2011
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Flat Rock, MI
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1997 Explorer XLT
I had a viper 5701 installed, professionally, into my 97 Explorer, and they screwed it up and won't fix it. I'm dealing with that, but meantime, I want to fix it so i can use my vehicle.
Also, I upgraded to a 5901 and rewired the system, so i believe its a misconnected wire, not just a loose one, but I could be wrong. I have checked, and my key has no chip, but the previous owner did put in the wire ring around the igition system (they had a remote starter installed that the new installer removed). My remote start works fine with this ring disconnected.
Here's my problem:
My alarm has passive arming. When I shut the car off and close the doors, it arms. The trouble is, when I'm driving, it doesn't sense that the vehicle is running, and arms the system. I've checked the ignition 1 wire, and its disconnected, and my remote start works. However, when I connect the previously mentioned wire to the specified wire on the car (purple/green at steering column), the remote start won't release the starter and grinds it till I manually shut it down. Also, when this wire is connected, it doesn't stop the system from arming. So somehow the system doesn't know the engine is running. What should I check on this? Anyone?

Wiring connections for remote start harness are below:

H3/1 PINK (+) IGNITION 1 Green/Purple
H3/2 RED/WHITE (+) FUSED (30A) Yellow
H3/4 VIOLET (+) STARTER OUTPUT (CAR SIDE) Red/Light Blue - cut
H3/5 GREEN (+) STARTER INPUT (KEY SIDE) Red/Light Blue - cut
H3/6 RED (+) FUSED (30A) Yellow
H3/7 PINK/WHITE (+) IGNITION 2 Black/Green **Viper programmed for Accessory2
H3/9 RED/BLACK (+) FUSED (30A) Yellow
H3/10 NC (no connection) Not Used

Its been forever since I've looked at alarm/remote start stuff, but maybe just a question or two might help you find your own answer.

What is the Ignition 1 wire doing? Im guessing that something on the viper alarm needs to know that 'ACC' is on so that it will not passive arm.

With the Viper system, are the ignition wires on the alarm suposed to disable the ignition when the alarm is on so your vehicle won't start?

I just recently installed the 5901 (V.2 It has the 5902 main box but the 5901 non-color remote) on my 1997 Ford Explorer XLT. The wiring connections you listed doesn't seem to be right. Ignition Wiring Connections <- This website is a big life saver for me and it is what I used to install my remote starter. I linked the connections part but there is a description about why the wires he choose on the truck was used - Ignition Wiring Description.

Now the guy is installing a Viper 5301 (Non-Alarm Model) on his 1995 Ford Explorer but 1995 and 1997 along with the Viper 5901 and 5301 seem to have the same or very similar wiring diagram; at least from my experience, since I used all the same wire color he uses and confirmed all functions are working. Well, there was one wire different on the Viper side and I believe it was for the progressive unlock. I double-checked that the wire is the right one by using a multimeter.

I can say my 5901 on my 1997 Explorer is working perfectly using the Viper 5301 for a 1995 Ford Explorer installation guide. FYI, I am using the virtual tach (Default Viper Setting) but also have the tach wire hooked up for the over-rev protection. Sorry I cannot provide anymore help, since I am no expert. It took me two days to install the thing but I trust myself more than the certified Viper tech at Best Buy. Anyways I think the guide will help you step in the right direction for solving your problem if you haven't solved it already.