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Virus Software that doesn't suck up resources?

Your right and wrong Brian.... :D How do you like that one??? :confused:

As a general rule additional ram will increase the amount of "work bench space" your machine has to work with and as a result, increase the performance. With certain programs it just doesn't matter. Especially if your running a Celeron or Duron processor. Norton Internet Security is a prime example. It is so huge, bulky and resource hungry that it just runs the guts out of your computer.

I've seen custom built system with 3.0 gig processors and 1gig of ram run amazing benchmarks and then stoop and puke when certain programs are installed.

Ram upgrades almost always improve performance at least a little...........ALMOST always. :D

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EliteConcept said:
"TO be honest Msoft's antispyware hasn't been very special for me - of the 3 i run (adaware, spybot & Msoft) they each find something different - and then Norton will find something the others did not."

thats because spyware and viruses are totally different. thats why your spyware programs and anti-virus programs are finding different objects. They are different creatures, i would expect (and hope) they find different things.


just thought i'd throw in my 2cents

I know these programs don't search for viruses - a comment was thrown out before my reply regarding spyware & spyware programs.

I didn't have the extra $100 or so to upgrade the ram in my Dell when i purchased it a year ago, and i thought cracking the case to install more would void the warranty (?). I think my warranty was just 1 year, so it's null & void now, anyway.

Thanks for the input. More Ram is the next step (hmmm...more mods, more ram????? not sure what is more important right now :D ) How do i know how much more i can hold?

jester6 said:
Yea no doubt Brian, can get 1G (2x256m)ddr400 for like $100 now.


Thanks all


Get the motherboard model # and run a search. It'll hold at least a gig, and you'll probably be fine with a gig.

Bringing it back, cause i'm in the market for a new antivirus suite. One of my friends recommended the McAfee suite, but I have also heard good things about the Zone Alarm suite. I am really looking for something that doesn't suck up resources. I had Norton 2004 on my laptop (what came on it when it was new) and my computer ran like a dog with it. I switched to AVG and got rid of Norton's and it runs and strats up much faster now. Though I like AVG, I was looking for a suite that has a full package. Any recommendations?

Kaspersky antivirus is the best I've used, hands down. If you really like AVG I believe they do have a full pay version, though I'm not sure how much it costs. Stay away from Norton and McAfee, both have gone downhill fast since I started using them (NAV4.0, back in the day). Right now I'm using Avast 4.7 (the free version) and I have no complaints with it. If you're looking for a firewall (you mentioned Zone Alarm), Kerio Personal Firewall is free, easy to use, and has been very effective for me. If you're looking for something more advanced, I would recommend Sygate Personal Firewall.

I use Avast at home and AVG at work...both are top shelf! Avast even has P2P protection for use on Limewire...

Using Avast now. Ran a scan and it picked up on many things that AVG hadn't picked up on. Just gotta get used to the interface of Avast now.

The best out there IMHO is NOD32, it uses VERY little system resources and finds more viruses than all the rest, seems like a win-win to me. I would use it if I didn't get Mcafee Virusscan Enterprise for free from my univ. check it out.

I second the use of Eset's NOD32. Picks up everything all of the other antivirus programs pickup and uses the least amount of resources while it it running in the background, updating all by itself.. Anti-spyware programs like spybot, adaware and ewido are nice as well, as long as you have the registry checker on one of those programs on all the time so those little programs don't sneak up on you and install themselves silently. :thumbsup:

Yeah nod3d is nice, but i actually use bitdefender pro. Seems to work fine but does hog resources sometimes like when starting new programs takes a few seconds longer.

Also has rated some of these virus programs on how well they can pick up viruses and how well they can detect new viruses that have not been identified or included in the database. Heres the link if anyone wants to take a look.

Thats a nice link, I like that site. Too bad they dont have symantec corp for their test.

AVG 7.1 for those running Vista. Trend micro housecall was pretty cool until they made it retarded.

AVG's corperate version ive heard is good, if you ever wonder why theres a free version that is it :p:. When everyone with avg free gets a virus that it cant fix and reports it, you start getting thousands of different conditions of how that virus effects machines. When a solution is made, corperate users get it first (makes sense, keep the buisnesses up and running). Pretty much why its free, at least from what ive heard from an old avg reseller.

(I like to mention that on account you know it isnt spyware just because its free)

I use AVG, and Avast. It seems that AVG didn't catch as many things as Avast, but it's good to use both. Just in case one doesn't catch something, the other one might.

Actually its not good to use both. Even though its not causing a prob for you, having 2 anti-virus's installed can conflict w/ each other & cause a lot of issues.