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Finished up my m90 and just ordered some new oil for it. Should be good to go. In preparation for actually installing a supercharger, or a turbo, I'm sure everyone wants to add some gauges. I think boost/vacuum and AFR are pretty important.
I would like to have some input from others on which vehicle components should be monitored when going with forced induction. I personally plan on using two PLX DM-6 gauges, which can connect to 16 sensors each, but I want two so that I can simultaneous display boost and AFR. I like that they are really thin and plan on installing them on the gauge bezel; they should only cover the PRNDL Haha.
I don't want this post to be about which brand is best. I mentioned my plan to keep everyone updated with what I want to do but also, since I can, it would be nice to strap in some extra sensors.
So which sensors do you guys think are vital for forced induction applications? Let's keep everyone's list of suggestions limited to 3 or 4 since that's probably the limit of how many displays can fit on the A-pillar and that's where most people put them


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September 20, 2012
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That's a good suggestion. I never even thought about monitoring the transmission. Any other ideas?