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Voltage Problem


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August 26, 2008
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Garden City, Michigan
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'93 Sport
1993 Explorer 4.0 Sport 4WD, I seem to be having a voltage problem. I was driving to work one day and the battery light came on and voltage meter went down, so i replace the alternator and the light still didn't go off and the voltage meter still says only 10 amps. I replaced the battery thinking it was bad. I also replaced the ignition switch and still nothing. I am really starting to think it may be the cables but when inspecting them I see nothing visually wrong. The only thing i noticed is the white/black wire in the small plug on the alternator is a little loose but when I had my brother wiggle it to see if there was a bad connection the light still remained on. I took the new alternator off and had autozone test it and it passed. I am baffled and need to get this thing fixed. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I dont want to shell out anymore dough for something thats not going to fix the problem.

First, what type of battery gauge? If you're talking about the one in the dash that's no good. You actually need to have Autozone test it while the engine is running.

You may need to replace either the solenoid on the firewall, the battery, or replace the cables in general. I'm going to go with the cables, I had the same problem. It wouldn't start, or would just start sometimes, then when you did try to start it the battery gauge in the dash would fall almost to nothing.

Try changing out yoru battery cables, they'll look fine but they tend to corrode really bad on the inside. Replace the cables going from the battery to starter, battery to solenoid, and solenoid to starter (can't remember if any do).

Good Luck

Well i dont have a problem starting the truck. It starts fine every time and everything works like normal but the alternator just isn't charging or showing the proper voltage. I was thinking it was just the excitor or stator wire but i have to do more tests with my volt meter.

Happened on the wife's Pontiac. Check the wires connecting to the alternator REEEEAAALLLL good. Her's had a bad wire & when you hit a bump it would not charge. Got to the point I was aiming at potholes. Turned out the wiring to the alt itself was bad. Had to run a new alternator / battery cable.