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Voltage Regulator source & replacement


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March 16, 2013
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Woodstock, GA
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
Has anyone R&R'd their voltage regulator, successfully?

From what I can tell. '02-'03 and '04-'05 are different units.

The OE unit in my '05 has part number 4L2(orZ)U-10316-AA.
When I go to Fordparts.com, they show a ****-10C359-**

Can't find anything aftermarket and don't feel like paying $80 from Ford. Might as well get a reman'd with a warranty.

My alternator only charges with RPM's above 1500. At idle I'm only getting 12.2-12.6 volts.

The cover plate on the back had grime around its seam and the plate itself moves.

I thought I could get by last year on our 04 original alternator with a voltage regulator. After I got the reman from Ford I took mine apart to find the slip rings were worn and pitted. I would go with a quality reman and don't fuss with replacement of a single subcomponent in the alternator.