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Vortech Explorer?


August 21, 2004
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New Jersey
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'04 XLS
I did a search and found a few people asking questions about one but nobody posted they had one... however I saw in another person's signature a Paxton Explorer so figured I'd ask.

How many people have a centripital blower on their truck?

How difficult were the installation, fabrications and tuning?


I bought a Mustang GT kit from a friend that had a 12 second Crown Vic. My intentions were to put it on a late model Lincoln Town Car and have a nice sleeper, but plans fell through and now my $3k grand supercharger is collecting dust in the basement.

here are some pix:



The kit came complete with a V2 S-trim blower and an Aftercooler, as well as 80mm SVT Lightning Maf, 42# injectors, etc. No chip, no air filter, and no Bullit intake which absolutely maximizes this kit's performance on a SOHC 4.6L

I'm in the process of buying my sister a late model Explorer so I'm wondering maybe I should put the kit to use. My concerns with it are plenty, including problems with the 4x4 set up, with 450hp it might break a thing or two that wasn't exactly designed for a blower.

I want to hear some people's opinions on this, especially if they have any personal experience. And if anyone might be interested in the kit, I'm willing to part with it as well. I'll let it go for what it cost me: $3200 free delivery in Jersey. I doubt there would be anyone interested but whatever.

let me know folks,
--Russ :)