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Voss24-- the Sexplorer

To start it off my name is Les, I live in Jacksonville Florida. Still in highschool. All the work was done and funded by myself (which im proud of because all the lames at school with lifted new trucks that their parents paid for think theyre sweet, BUTTT they didnt earn or work on their rig.)

Its been a work in progress, but I think shes nearing completion! or at least enough for me to create a registry :D



96 XLT
302 V8
207,x.. miles
2wd :( 3.73 limited slip

2.5 inch TT
285/70/17 BFG AT ( almost 33 ;) )
Cragar Soft 8s
Light trimming

Billet Grill insert
Black Grill
Lower valence removed
bumper sprayed black
Door guard black
Front fog lights
Black Euro headlights

2 1200 watt Kenwoods
Bassworx ported box
760 watt Pioneer amp

Progress: (I lost alot of my pictures :( )

I felt pretty cool with my Warrior Shackles haha.


Thennnn I got in a really dumb accident. It was totally the guys fault! anyway i did 3k worth of damage to his Tacoma and came away with this. Love my baby, shes a tough one.


Got this black headlights! Painted the grill/ inserted billet grill while I was at it.

Then... Got these:


Then cragar Soft 8s, 17x8

PUT EM ON! I was kinda excited.




All lit up


Took her muddin


Apparently I <3 Dickens.


And thats that!

Let me know what you think. Body lift coming soon. Torn between 2 and 3 inch. Opinions? leaning towards 2 inch so i dont have to extend lines/drop radiator/shifter extension, but im not sure. Also unsure about bolt lengths. any feedback would be great!

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no feed back from me on the body lift but its great to see another "Built not bought" from another high schooler. thats how it was when i was in school (graduated 09) Keep up the good work my friend!

Fixed the random popping!

Took it to the mechanic because I thought my alighment was really off and it's always shaking down the road, turns out that when I did my balljoints i somehow didnt bolt the control arm in correctly? The camber was scarily outta whack. 180 bucks later and I have new eccentric camber control arm adjuster thingy!

problem fixed. still pulls right though. Maybe thats because the tires are used and probably unbalanced?

Nice rig man:thumbsup:

I can totally relate, people always talkin trash about those of us with older rigs, but I can safely say, I bought it, I modded it, and I continue to pay for it ya know?

Do you have anymore plans for it? Maybe making her a 4x4?

I have to admit, I cracked up when I seen your "SExplorer" badge, thats hilarious! It would be awesome if you could get an "S" thats italisized or however you spell it, then it'd look like it was meant to be :D

I agree with my previous posters, I'm very happy to see another
...I bought it, I modded it, and I continue to pay for...
Explorer. (However I only had to buy mine for $10 ;))

I too started my junior year in highschool, since then all the extra $$$ leftover from taking care of my GF has gone STRAIGHT to the mistress! :D

That thing looks good man keep up the good work!! :thumbsup:

P.s. - one of 'those' guys in my grade that was blessed with an H2 has since had to sell it once he was kicked from his parents' insurance. This is the same guy who asked me if cars had, and I quote, "Headlamp Fluid."

Technically I was a Senior in High school when I got my Explorer. Been modding on it ever since. I think its an important thing to work on your own cars and pay for them, it builds character and responsibility.

Truck is looking good btw.

Thanks guys :) im very proud of her! Went mudding today, heres some more pics. Really went crazy today, decided to push it haha.




And quick question, anything I can do about this? I dont like it getting so muddy. One of my mud guards is missing in the wheel well, but this happened even when I had it.