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Vote Again for Final Choice: East Coast 10th Anniversary Run Poll

Where can you go to the East Coast Run?

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Our poll ended up with votes pegging both Tellico and Paragon dead even. Obviously we need to make a final choice, and find out where we can get the most participation for this run.

Here is how I think the best way to handle this will work. This poll will be multiple choice: we need to find out where the most can participate. Vote only if you are seriously planning to attend this run! This poll will also be public so that we can see who can do what.

The poll is multiple choice; you can vote for multiple options when you cast your vote. If you can only go to Paragon and can not make it to Tellico, then vote for Paragon, but you can also add a second vote for the Crozet compromise if you are also willing to meet halfway and go to Crozet in the event that Paragon is not chosen.

I want to comment on Crozet... it may get the most votes as a compromise, but only as a tiebreaker. If either Tellico or Paragon shows a clear lead, then it will be chosen even if many of us are willing to compromise. If we end up with a duplicate of the last poll and Paragon and Tellico once again are even in votes, then if the Crozet compromise shows many votes, we will look into going there after studying it more.... the fact still stands that none of us have actually been there and at this stage it's a scary thought to schedule a major run at an unknown.

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Do we have a guestimate of number of trucks attending yet? I know people always cancel. maybe even 75 percent of those saying they will come, stuff does happen. But I think that should also effect location choices.

Personally, at this point it doesn't matter where we hold it. Tellico is 9 hours from me, Crozet is 3 hours, Paragon is 3 hours as well. We also have to consider the fact that the Northeast bunch from VT/MA/NH/NY/NJ/etc might consider Tellico too far for them for a event.

Paragon is just too far for me. I would probably only go to Tellico, but might be able to make it to Crozet. Like I've been saying, it all depends on if my truck is done or if I could hitch a ride with someone.

Any of the three is good with me.

I'd love to hit Tellico, if it is chosen I will probably drive down. I would definately drive down to Crozet and Paragon is in my back yard. I voted Paragon/Crozet.

Tellico is too far. I don't really want to go to Crozet either. I can gaurantee at least 6 other trucks that aren't forum members too. Mix it up a bit.

im pretty sure that Paragon will cut out pretty much all of us southern guys....its way to far from here

i think i'm down with whatever east of the mississippi... :confused:

Just flip a coin! Nobody from the south wants to drive up here and nobody from the far north wants to drive down south. I have another solution, we could also find the exact center point from the tip of Florida and the tip of Maine and just thrash wherever that happens to be! ;)

ok, then were going to paragon PAExplorer. im down for paragon, as its six hours from here. tellico is 17. attica is 17 too. but i dont care.

center would be about crozet as far as wheeling places go. The way I am seeing it the NE guys run paragon and Rausch Creek all the time, if we have it up there you will ahve the regular crowd and mabey 1 or 2 others from the south. If we have a major run farther south you will get a bunch of guy swho have never shown for an organized run b/c there havent been many if any.

OK if we look at all votes and replies everyone wants it to be the closest place ot home. That makes me think the only thing to do would be crozet if its central. I may not be aboe to make it that far but do believe it would be most fair.

i still dont think crozet is a good idea for an explorer one ahs been there yet and sure stock hummers can do it, but that means NOTHING about a stock explorer.....they are far more capable than an explorer off the showroom floor. With the amount of stockers and superstockers that have shown interest, we should choose a place that all can ride and have varying degrees of difficulty. I hope to be on 33s by this time, but that still doesnt mean that we should just leave out the smaller guys. thats just my .02

A stock H2 is more capable than an explorer? we are talking H2 here you know.

Anyway I agree we dont know enough about corzet. It is definate that paragon has the most for everyone. But also apparent that many wont travel the distance from down south. Looks like wherever it ends up being the further out people wont make it.

yes, a stock H2 is more capable than a stock far, almost twice the ground clearance, 35s vs 235s, locked vs open (in most cases)....i agree totally with what you are saying with there not really being a compromise, but something needs to be decided so that everyone (yes even the stockers) can come out and have some fun.

we could go to KY Outback Adventure Park it is farther to the west but more equadistant.

Or even better we could scrap our run and go to Attica.

Or if its such a big deal to drive somewhere we can just stop wheeling all together?

Seems to me that the southern people are willing to drive but the PA people are dead set on staying in PA. I have personally been to paragon and its not all its cracked up to be... long drive for only a few excting trails. For you guys up north who only wheel Paragon look at it as a challenge to get down to VA and wheel then drive your junk back to PA. It adds a whole new degree of excitment.

The H2 is locked stock? heh, learn something new every day.

Anyway sure its higher, also has the wheelbase of a schoolbus. I would think it would be fairly even. THough the only time i have seen an h2 wheel it naturaly broke awfully early on something easy

i can almost assure you that a stock H2 will make it further down most trails than a stock explorer under its own power...a stock explorer is just too dang low to the ground to navigate over rocky trails. It would all depend on the situation i guess, but my whole point was that just because a few stock hummers went down the trails doesnt mean that a whole bunch of explorers (some stock with dirvers with 0 experience) can. Im sure those guys knew what they were doing and what they were getting into where as some of the stock guys that want to come with us couldnt tell you where the Rubicon is...

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Ladies, can we drop the hummer and try to focus on a wheelin trip.

KY adventure park is okay, but nothing for stockers. That's where i rolled my explorer over, plus it isn't that huge for a big run.

So what if we haven't been to crozet. We talking about a trip that is almost a year away. I'll be there before then i'm sure. From some of those pictures i've seen it looked doable for a stocker, but that's just me.

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