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Walapai 4 Wheelers monthly runs & events - Kingman Az.

RMR Motorsports

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March 9, 2012
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Kingman AZ
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92 Ford Explorer XLT 4X4
At our last club meeting we were talking about having a jamboree about this time next year so let me know if your interested? and I'll let the club know at next monthly meeting, as I get more info will post it, this is for all 4X4's to come and I brought up you guys and they said to let you know about it. The plan is to rent out the fair grounds here so everyone has a place to park and camp if needed, our club is in Kingman AZ. and we have alot of trails for stockers to rock buggies, but besides this we go on runs every month and everyone is welcomed to go with us, I will put our club web site below so if want to go on a run with us, you can check their or PM me, went on a run yesterday here's a cool pics




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Thanks, where do you live, because if needed people can bring motor homes or trailer in their rigs if need be, that's why were renting out fair ground, not just a one day event.

Oh, just over 1000 miles away :D

Sounds like a good time, and I'm sure some from here that are within towing distance will sign up or show interest at least. Great group of wheelers here. :thumbsup:

Sounds interesting for sure. I would like to wheel up there. It's only about 3 hours from here.

I'm going to be driving through Kingman next Friday and again on the way back on Sunday. Any chance we could meet for lunch??

Sounds good Rick, what day would be good for you?

Update on jambboree, it is going to be called the Ghost Town Jamboree, I'm on the planning committee we set the date for April 12th thru 14th 2013 and renting out fair grounds for the event, camping, parking and games.

Just wanted to add our club run classifications

Run Classifications

Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, spare tire, tools, jack (high lift), extra gas, oil, water, tow straps, spill kit. Roll cages are recommended on all vehicles without hard tops—we advise full-cage roll bars
on all runs. Seat belts always. C.B. radios are very useful.
Do not travel alone.

1. Graded Roads: Passable by stock and two-wheel drive; improved dirt, gravel, etc.

2. Easy Dirt roads - high ground clearance recommended for stock pickups, vans, etc. Mud holes, rocks could stop most vehicles. 4x4 makes travel easier, may be problems without it.

3. Medium 4x4 required due to rough terrain and loose traction. Low-range gears used occasionally. Street tires unacceptable aggressive tread preferred. Roll bar and/or hardtop required.
Moderate experience and driving skills beneficial. Mud, holes, rocks, boulders, off-camber, steep, slick trails. Possible vehicle damage. Rollovers possible.

4. Difficult More difficult than 3 above. Rugged terrain. Requires above average driving skills. Difficult obstacles encountered.
Stock equipment not advisable. 4x4 and low range all of the time. Important— lockers/limited slip, most helpful and advised.
35” or larger tires suggested.
Roll bar and/or hard top required.
Jacks and winches advised.
Possible vehicle damage. Rollovers possible.

5. Extreme Above average experience required. Potentially
dangerous situations.
Highly modified axles, suspension, gear boxes, wheels/
tires a must. 35—38” tires minimum. (Tire Size is a Guide line for most Trails)
Roll bar or hard top required.
Large boulders, extreme terrain, off camber, steep inclines, rugged roads/trails, washes.
Expect vehicle damage.
Rollovers possible.

Practice the BUDDY SYSTEM Never Travel alone. Always Two or more vehicles.

Where having a run thursday 4/12/2012 going to 40' waterfall to do some hiking, the run is rated a 3.0 bring a lunch leaving at 9:30am if need more info and want to go PM me.

..Where is the meet up point that you are leaving from at 9:30?

..It might help others who stumble upon this and have some free time in your area..Sadly, it won't be me..:(

Meet at Loves 9:00am just off I-40 at DW Ranch Road, next exit past Kingman AZ going east, channel 4 on CB, bring lunch.

I mite go, my daughter is comming home wed. night, just got leave from the Navy and playing it by ear, but Steve Strain the president of club is leading this run, he has a black tj jeep just introduce yourself and you will see the club is mostly jeeps but anyone is welcomed to go on runs with us.

Any more? post or PM me my name is Loren, I will try to make it if any of you want to go.

We are having a run saturday 4/14/2012, 23.7 miles off road, run rated 2 going thru mountians and checking out some old gold mines, leaving at 9:00am bring lunch.

If need more info post or PM me, I will be going on this run.

Here's some pics from our last run I posted, it was snowing when we left witch made for small group but we had fun and did some extra wheeling and ended up by Lake Mead.




We did find some rocks to play with :D



I tried to get up on top of this rock kept hitting front spring hangers & drivline showed some makings, darn 33" tires :mad:



...Looks like some fun..:D

Yes it was fun thanks, the only thing that gave me problem was my trans was getting hot and could smell it, I'm looking into trans cooler fan.

Hey just wanted to know how many of you would want to come to the Ghost Town Jamboree? I hope to see alot of you Fords unite :feedback:

When is the event?

April 11th to the 14th of 2013

Here are some pics from Mohave County fair Off road event we put on.








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At last monthly meeting found out that FMAC 4 Wheelers club is comming to the Ghost Town Jamboree and we are expecting about 100 wheelers from this club, this event is growing don't miss out :biggthump