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Want to add overhead console, etc to my 98 X


March 14, 2010
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Las Vegas, NV
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2011 Explorer XLT 4x4
Just picked up a 98 explorer..... it must have been a pretty basic model. It has no overhead console, no homelink visor, , no power seats, and the center console does go all the way up to the dash as others i have seen.

I would like to add some, or all of those things over time, as i run across deals on them. Is that possible without too much electrical headaches. are wires there for the power seats somewhere? will the longer console bolt right in, are the wires and mounting holes for an overhead console there already underneathe the headliner???

Also, what about the center console "message center" from the Limited models... shows fuel range, oil life etc.... If i get one of those, with the correct console and wiring, will the console bolt in, and will the wiring from the "message center" plug into my wiring harness somewhere?