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Want to buy free floating rocker arms


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September 14, 2009
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93 sport
Hi every body. Does any body know a person that still machines and sells the spacers for the 4.0 ohv rocker arms? I saw them on Ebay a few years ago should have bought them then but I was not ready to build my 4.0 at the time. Now that I am building it with 410 cam delta rockers smith brother push rods I would like to do the mod for free floating rocker also. But cant seam to find them for sale any where.:mad:

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He doesnt sell them to the public anymore.i just got a set from him,i had to email him and he made them in his spare time.he seems to be very busy now of days.send me a pm if you want his info.
ps send back that delta crap and get some sealed power rockers.if you order them online from advance auto there is huge discount codes out there and they ship for free to your house,think i paid around $80. Here is a quote from my thread with some pics

well some updates.got ride of that delta crap and put sealed rockers in and they are way more beefier and just look so much stronger.also put in some rocker spacers.cleaned the crap out of the motor,headers and accessories and repainted all of it.it was dark when i finished and it rained all day today so ill have to post a pic of it all cleaned up later.have to send a big thank you to don(dono) for supplying me with the rocker spacers ;)
delta crap and these are new,low miles

old delta and new sealed power,much larger and oil holes are bigger too



old and new rockers with spacers(thanks again to don)




Pss i would go with the 422 cam any day over the 410.wayyyy more power for same price.also look into SI stainless steel valves. They are one piece and flow better than stock

where can a person get these rocker arms? looking to change mine since I'm getting new pushrods anyways.

You can get the Sealed Power rocker arms through auto parts stores like Advance Auto Parts (order online to use discount coupons and have them shipped), or Rockauto.com. There are plenty of other sites that sell them as well.

You can also get complete rocker arm assemblies from our site vendors that are Ford dealers, that have the rocker arms, shaft, spring spacers, and bolts, for about $80-90/ea.

I'm not sure where you'd be able to source them from in Canada other than a Ford dealer or whatever auto parts stores there are.