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Want to put 35s underneath my Ford Explorer got 3 inch body lift

Jim wright

Hillbilly jim
March 12, 2018
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Northwest Washington
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Concrete wa st
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94 Explorer XLT
Got 35s and want him to put them under my Explorer got 3 inch body lift will it fit


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:sawzall: For sure with just the 3" body lift. Look into F150 coil spacers for the front and shackles for the rear for almost 2" of suspension lift cheap. You'll still have to trim some but it would be doable.

What gears do you have?

Ditto on the gears. Don't bother making the tires fit unless you're suitably regeared.

You will have to cut a bunch off the rear edge of the front fenders to clear 35" tires. I could not clear them until I had about 5" of lift, along with the fender trimming. I could only get 32" tires to clear the front fenders with a 4" lift.

Please search this forum, there are many threads here with this information.

Im running 35s on 3" lift. (2" suspension, 1" body) Lots of cutting and hammering especially in the front. It is do-able but a lot of work. Adding a simple 2" suspension will make it much easier.