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Wan't to replace power antenna

Dan Whitaker

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December 24, 2001
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Raytown MO (Kansas City suburb)
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I wan't to replace my non working power antenna with a noraml mast antenna. I called my local Ford parts dept to find out what it would cost and he tells me I need to buy several pieces and doesn't even give me the price.
He says I would be better off replacing the power antenna.
I did a search earlier and one of the post said to turn the radio on and pull the mast up so you could replace just the mast. My mast would not budge so I'm thinking the motor is fried. I have better things to spend $150 than a freakin antenna.
We get to much ice here in Kanasa City to worry about chipping the ice off the antenna before I turn on the radio.
Any ideas or suggestions are greatly apreciated:)

Your best bet is to find an Explorer in the junkyard with the mast type antenna and pull the module out of it. That's what I did.

I just replaced my mast, it was a *****. My electric mast only cost me 36.00.
You can call me at 210-662-4520 wk and I can explain what I did. My would not go up or down.