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Wanted: 95 Explorer Radio harness


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April 13, 2011
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Rapid City, SD
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'95 Ford Explorer
Good Morning,

I am looking for a Radio harness from a 95 Explorer, the original harness. Mine was cut, so I got butt connectors for my after market radio, but I want to get the original harness again and Solder it to the original wires, so then I can buy the connector for my new radio/touchscreen, and I want to get my power antenna working again!

Anyone that has one, let me know! I'll pay you for it and the shipping!


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I don't know how widely the wire colors vary, but for a perfect match, I have a 1995 Ford Explorer Expedition, 2 door :)

A junk yard is your best bet,

PS ford never made a 2dr expedition. its an explorer.

Ill try the junk yard. Back of my vehicle says Explorer Expedition. I actually just met someone else that also has a 2 door explorer expedition :)

Just had to share this, not to say you are wrong, but to share knowledge that there was indeed a 95 ford explorer Expedition 2 door.

Second Generation (1995-2001)

The Explorer saw significant exterior, interior and suspension updates in 1994. The 4.0L Cologne OHV V6 from the previous generation Explorer carries over. The former "Twin Traction Beam" (TTB) front suspension was replaced with a more carlike independent front suspension. The Explorer lineup now consisted of two models: 2-door Explorer Sport and the 4-door Explorer. The Limited was a higher end 4-door. Selectable automatic ControlTrac four-wheel drive debuted with a two-speed dual range transfer case featuring three drive modes: Two High, Auto, and Four Low. The 1995 Explorer was the first production vehicle to use a neon center high mount stop lamp.[3] It also was the first vehicle in its segment to have dual front airbags. Like the basic Explorer, the Explorer Sport was significantly redesigned for 1995. The Eddie Bauer trim level was replaced with Expedition on 2-door Explorers (1995 only, the name would be reused on the 1997 Ford Expedition).
The 5.0L V8 powered Explorer has become favored in the high performance SUV crowd, with many performance parts available. This is due to the fact that many aftermarket 5.0 L Ford Mustang parts are interchangeable with the Explorer variant. There are aftermarket parts available for 2nd generation Explorers including superchargers, nitrous kits, and headers.
2001 saw the introduction of the Explorer Sport Trac, which put a small pickup bed behind the four normal SUV doors.
In 2009, this generation Explorer had five of the top seven spots for vehicles traded in under the "cash for clunkers" program, with the 1998 model topping the list.[4] The 1994 model from the previous generation also had the eighth spot on the list.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Explorer