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Warn auto-manual hub conversion kit

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You sure on them prices?? Here, in my little corner of the Great White North, the 32720 nut kit dealers at $53.03 Canajun and the 29071 hubs are $189 and change...... List would probably be 25% higher...

ok - i'm confused now, i needed a conversion kit to install the warn std hubs i just bought, www.4wheelparts.com and www.warn.com say i need part #27997 but when i called the local offroad shop they said that part number is disco-ed and to use part# 32720. i see that jimmiecakes is listing this number as well can anyone confirm this and has anyone done the install with the new part number? :hammer:

Numbers are straight out of our whoopee new Warn catalog. Prices quoted are in $CA and represent what our store would pay for the privilege of stocking these items....

central 4wheel has the warn hubs on sale for 139 right now. I had to show them their add in the new 4wheeler. the conversion kit cost around 50. I am very happy with their performance so far.

thanks guys - warn emailed me and confirmed the change in part numbers