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Warn hub parts?


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March 13, 2005
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Has anyone ever bought or try to order parts for a Warn manual hub?
Reason being over 3 years ago I bought Warn hubs for an 8.8 Jeep rear axle that I used on my front D35 swap in my Bronco Too.
Over a year ago the pass. side spindle nuts came loose and the ensuing carnage from the bearing tore up some of the inside of the aluminum hub.
But after cleaning and repairing spindle I ran the hub for couple more years untill I did the D44 thing. It never gave me any trouble. It's more cosmetic then anything.
So I just wanted to make sure they're both clean cause I have them for sale.

So today I called up Warn and asked a few questions, including why are the Jeep hubs heavier then the D35. He fumbled around untill I told him that while I'm talking to him I have both...D35 and Jeep hubs in front of me and there is a noticeable difference in weight. Then he said that the Jeep hubs were in fact machined to be heavier in mass. Thought that was interesting.

Next I asked him that I needed an aluminum housing only. Surprisingly he told me that they turn loose of no parts for the hub, Hmmm. Only complete new units.
So then I asked him about tearing the old one apart. The phone got deadly quit. "I would not to that" he said. I asked "why". He said "that they're some tight tolerances in there". With that I could see that I was not getting no where. In a few minutes the hub was completely apart and cleaned.
So I'm just wondering has anyone else had similar dealings with Warn?
I did take pics of the inside if this dark secret thing LOL. Remember this is for the Jeep 8.8
I also took some pics of the inside as I was disassembling them if anyone interested in he inside of these closly kept secret objects HA HA .


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March 4, 2007
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