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Warn Manual Hub Assembly


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December 23, 2007
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Champaign, IL
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'94 Eddie Bauer
Hello everyone. I have gotten some great advice and help from this forum! I decided it is about time to give back. I haven't seen any instructions on how to assemble a warn manual hub or any useful schematics. This is very basic but it may help some people out. I am a novice and this was pretty easy so anyone should be able to do it with only some simple tools.

I bought my hubs off of freshmeat on this forum. I just got the hub bodies powder coated (they turned out great) and decided it would be cool to do a write up on how to assemble them.

You start out with the hub body:

And the internal hub components:

(this picture shows the hub components as they will be assembled inside the hub body)

Here is a picture of the hub body and components next to each other:

First thing is first. The locking mechanism must be installed. This can be fairly tricky because you have to get the plastic rotating assembly in just right so it will lock and unlock. The following picture shows the two pieces that are installed first. The piece on the left is the exterior rotating assembly. The spring and 2 plastic pieces stacked on top of each other on the right are the interior portion of the locking assembly.

(Notice the pentagon design.) Insert the two plastic pieces into the inside of the hub, and push against the spring until the pentagon shape is extruded from the hub body. Next line it up with the external plastic locker. It can be hard to line this up when pushing against the spring from the inside. It is important to do this. Once you have tightened down the retaining screw, be sure you can rotate the assembly from lock to unlock. You will be able to see the plastic platform on the interior move up and down. Do this now! You don't want to disassemble the hub because you didn't get this lined up.

2. Next we insert the metal gear which will be the gear that does the actual moving to lock the hub. Simply slide it into the inside of the hub so it rests on the plastic platform we just installed. Here is a pic of the gear installed:

3. Next we slide the spring into the hub and let it rest on top of the gear we just installed. It is hard to tell but here is a pic with that spring installed:

4. Next we slide the second gear/plastic assembly into the hub so that the flat part of the black plastic is facing up when looking into the hub. Here is a picture of this assembly resting on top of the spring we just installed:

5. Now press this assembly down to the point where you can install the ring that retains the assembly. I had to use a hammer to gently tap it into place on one of the hubs. The other one I had to hold it down against the pressure of the spring with my fingers to install the retaining ring. Here is a picture of both the retaining ring and the hub with the ring installed:


That's it! Pretty easy huh? Make sure the gear on the inside spins freely when the hub is on "unlock" and will not move when on "lock"

Here is a picture of the finished hubs. I think the powder coating turned out pretty cool.

You should be able to follow these instructions backwards to disassemble the hub. If you have any questions about anything I did let me know and I can try to answer them.