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Warn Manual Hub Question


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January 7, 2002
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'92 Explorer XL 4x4
I currently have warn manual hubs on the front of my 92 X. I am about to leave school with snow on the road. Will it hurt to leave these hubs locked in for aprrox. 50 miles on my way home so I have shift-on-the-fly 4x4? How fast can I go with these engaged? Thanks.

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It willnot hurt anything. IN fact it is a good idea to lock them up every once in a while in order to lubricate the gears and axle shafts.

You can go 85 with them locked, I have. It will feel "heavy" in the front end.

The hubs lock the axles to the wheels, so your front axles, and gears will be turning and the front driveshaft.

the 4x4 button engadges the transfer case, without the t case locked in the front diff, axles, and driveshaft can spin freely without hurting anything. Its when you lock in the tcase and hubs that you can get some binding in teh drivetrain on the street.......

Lock your hubs once every 3 months or so if you dont use 4x4 a lot.

Also soak the hubs in ATF everytime you have your front wheels off.....

Thanks.........hopefully its no slick on the way home!

I pray for more snow! Nothing like 4x4 in the snow, I love it! I had my hubs locked all days yesterday, we got 4" here in Denver........ I only had to use the 4x4 twice though....sucky.................

Also soak the hubs in ATF everytime you have your front wheels off.....

Hey 410.

I`ve wondered what to do to keep the hubs in good condition. This is a good idea you figure?
Is it a no no to grease the inside of the hub? I put a little bit in them last time I was looking at them at it seems fine.

I have always put wheel bearing grease in mine. They have been on the truck for 5 years and 135,000 miles.