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Warn or Poison Spyder-type Rocker/Sliders for Explorers?

Lee Iaccoca

January 8, 2008
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Washington, DC metro-area
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1991 Explorer EB
I've looked around on the forums here for some answers on this

I've got the classic bad rust on the doglegs and rockers on my 91 Explorer EB.

I am more familiar with Jeeps than Explorers and have done a lot of work on my 94 YJ. And With the Wranglers, you can buy rockers or sliders that mount to the frame, but also have metal guards that extends up about 6 inches to protect the body (see the Jeep rockers made by Warn or Poison Spyder). Does any company (or well-regarded fabricator) make something like this for Explorers?

I've spent the better part of the last 9 months doing my own paint and body work successfully on my YJ, so I was trying to avoid getting in to more paint/bodywork (this time on my explorer). In this case I just wanted to trim the rocker rust and then install some Warn-style rockers mounted to the frame to cover things over and fortify the area. However, something tells me that they don't make Jeep-style rockers/sliders for Explorers. Thanks.

Nope no one sells a product like this for explorers. We have a very limited aftermarked parts dept

Hey fellow DC metro area dweller! We have a Meet & Greet up near Baltimore this weekend -- link is down on my sig.

Nooooooooooooooo, Burns! I really didn't need to hear this. Ah, man, cutting, then welding new panels in, sanding, priming, painting that up is going to either cost me probably twice the retail value of this old Ex if I hire a shop. Or its going to push me in to a time-eating black hole of DIY hit-or-miss work. Oh the humanity!