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Warning - sparkplugs on v8's, recoating with nickel anti seize.


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November 16, 2007
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Rockland County, NY
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06EB V8
Maybe some one will find this usefull.

As a small recap, at 99k miles my 06EB developed a miss, so at 101k miles I went to replace my plugs. I broke #8 in very ugly way and had to drill and put a tap in the head. At that time I used Champions, and I also coated the electrode extentions with nickel anti seize compound. Trying to avoid problems in the future, this morning I went ahead and pull all the plugs to recoat them again. My truck has now 132k miles. So after 31k miles, all the paste was gone, completely !!!! Few of the plugs gave me some resistance, but I treated them with aerokroil, and also, since I used 1 piece champions, I was not that concerned with breaking off the electrodes. The most scare I had was from the resistance few of them gave me, as I was afraid I am going to strip the treads in the head, and that would be ugly. So I am planning to do this again in about 20 k miles. I'll let you know.
PS: Champions work just fine, I reused them, engine started right away and runs smooth.

The ford tsb calls for the use of a nickel based anti-seize. It is rated for a temperature around 1600F. I picked some up at a ford dealership.

I guess I am getting old.
Of course I am using "Permatex 77124 Nickel Anti-Seize - 8 oz. brush-top bottle ", not zinc :)
Thanks KillerB