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warrior shackles and hitch receiver too close??


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April 20, 2010
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99 Limited 5.0
Looking to install my shackles and aal pretty soon. I looked underneath my truck the other day and the oem shackles are already almost hitting my receiver. Will the Warriors clear okay? The truck is a 99 5.0 Limited with a Heacock receiver.

Anyone else run across this issue?

Got any pics of it? I noticed my hitch and shackles hang awful close and am anticipating problems once I get it road-worthy

Yep they should fit. I though the same thing when I starting building my expo and the shackles came close but did clear the receiver

There should be enough clearance between the WAR153's and your hitch receiver. The only interference I've had between shackle and receiver is with the lower shackle bolt that goes through the leaf spring eyelet. If the bolt head is facing inward you might not be able to remove it without first removing the receiver. I flipped the bolts around so I wouldn't have to remove the receiver every time I unbolt the springs. Anyways, since you're swapping shackles you might be able to access the top bolt without removing the receiver.
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