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Warrior shackles and springs ?


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July 10, 2000
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93 XLT 2wd
Could i do this to my 93 4 door to get about 2 inches of lift, cuz i have seen a spring and add a leaf for the same lift height. How much do ya'll think something like this would cost and to get put on ?

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By spring and Warrior shackles, I take it you mean front coil springs and Warrior shackles. The Warrior shackles will give you 1.5" of lift, not 2". if you want 2" you would have to use a "Add-A-Leaf" or use the OME-36 Rear springs. The Add-A-Leaf will need to be adjusted every now and then, and will roughen the ride a bit. The OME springs are IMHO a better way to go, if all you want is 2" of lift. They are a little pricey, but if you want quality, you have to pay for it.
Putting on Warrior shackles will take you less then 30 minutes. It is a very easy thing to do. If I can do it, anybody can do it. I could not help you on the front springs. I've never had to do them, but I wouldn't think they would be all that hard. Hope this helps. :)

How much dinero for OME Rear springs and where can i get new front springs for about 2 inches of lift ?

The lifting of rear full 2 in. is not so important to me, my rear seems to be higher then stock now any ways. I bet i could fit 32's on the rear right now (wish i had pics to show u guys). But the front end is what seems to be sagging on me and i like the look of front being a little higher then rear. So can i lift the fron 2" with new springs, if so how much and from where ? And what effect will these have on my exp? Bad alignment ? Rough(er) ride ?

I've got a lot of experience with the coil spring/warrior shackle lift setup. I really don't think you should do it. A body lift would be a much better idea, expecially if you want to clear 32's. Right now I have 31x10.50 bfg's on and they barely fit when I turn the tires. The main reason for not doing this lift is that your front end will be next to impossible to allign with the rough country coil springs on. If you have any other questions about it just ask. I really think a body lift is a better idea though.

My alignment is ****ty even after i got it aligned, pulls to the right. I will prob put on 31x10.50's. so how does yours drive now ? And i dont wanna hastle with the body lift till later. I am pretty sure this is alot more inexpensive.

back up to top, I still have not had my questions answered ?

coil springs

I bought my Black Diamond springs (2" over stock) for $200 Canadian - probably $150 or less US$. There were no problems with the alignment afterwards. I put 31x10.5's on, and there is less than .5" of clearance on the front fenders near the mudflap when I go into a turn. Any more than 31's and you'll have to do some fender trimming or get a bigger lift. If you plan on doing some actual off-roading then stay away from the body lift and do the suspension. Front coils aren't too bad to do. Have a mechanic buddy around if you're unsure.


Go with the Rough Country 1.5" "leveling coils" and the warrior shackles. Look for an old post called "Cheap way of lifting" e-mail me if you have any questions.

Best regards.

Warrior shackles on 91-94 Explorers?

Do the Warrior Shackles for the 95+ Explorers work on the 91-94 Explorers?

I got a rather blank look from the 4x shop when I asked for them. They said they only make them for the 95-97 cars.

Any thoughts?

From what I understand they only know for a fact that they fit on 95-97. If you tell them they fit on your 98 or 99 they say ok and that's that. God forbid they would update anything. I bought the WP shackles for mine from Desert Rat and they said they will ONLY fit a 95-98. I told them to send them anyway and they fit no problem. You will have to do a lot of this on your own I am afraid. Most auto shops have no clue let alone the ability to tell you if your vehicle is compatible.

If I were you, I would go with the Add-a-leaf and springs levelers. They add-aleaf kit is 40 bucks and the spacers are cheap too.

Barry, the ones for the 91-94 are another part number. Desert Rat will have them, that is where I got mine.

Personally I would stay away from the spacer route for anything other than side to side adjustment. Trust me I tried both routes and the Rough Country spring route really paid off.

Do a search in this forum for the old post "cheap way of lifting" I listed everything I went through..

Note that you will really end up with more lift in the front by going with the springs versus spacers as your original springs have compressed significantly with age.

Best regards.

Shackle Lift

What I really need is new springs in the rear. Currently I have a combination of the original Explorer leafs intermixed with the leafs from a '93 Ranger, and that includes the add-a-leaf. The rear looks lower than the front, so I want the shackles to even things out a bit.