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water dripping


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September 4, 2012
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2001 ford explorer sport
I noticed water dripping from beneath the engine of my 2001 ford explorer sport trac this morning. I have other issues, with now 109K miles, and I know my "relationship" with my truck is about to change from being a great truck with not much happening , to what do I need to fix today or this weekend.

I smell antifreeze, and without a lift, crawling under, i see anti-freeze underneath a great deal of the engine, dripping here and there. Not a lot, but a lot of wet areas. Looking down from the top I really don't see much, or the obvious hose split or clamp broken. I do see a little effervescence coming from the joint on the thermostat housing. I am one of those who always keeps an eye under the hood and under the vehicle often just to make sure nothing is dripping or leaking.

Ideas where to start? water pump?

Thanks for any guidance.

Thanks. I will try to run it, and check to see if I can tell this is my source. That link looks like a good tutorial, enough for me to tackle this. I hope.

That's what happened to my trac last winter... i noticed my coolant tank was always empty. Replaced the thermostat housing and it was good as new