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Water in Spark Plug Well (#8)


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June 4, 2020
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Any good tutorials on putting a gutter under the cowl clips to stop the water from leaking down into the plug well?

I tried aluminum tape because I had some. It rained last night and there was some water in top of #8 COP again. It didn’t run down into the well yet though.

1. Gutter?
2. RTV around the clips?
3. More Aluminum tape?
4. Silicone the plug boots?

All new plugs in there now and trying to avoid a problem.



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Gutter. It’s been done with plastic and extruded aluminum that I’ve seen here.

First I thought I could rip a piece of pvc pipe down and get it in there. Couldn’t keep it in place. I had a 24” section of vent pipe in the basement. I kind of cut it down to fit over the back of the engine. The drips should roll off the back. It is zip tied to the hoses, wire loom at the top of the engine and tucked under the bolt in the firewall on the drivers side. It’s half a$$ but hopefully it works.

We are supposed to get heavy thunderstorms later. I will check again after the rain tonight. Not


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I made a drip shield from a piece of alum sheet metal. It goes under the rubber seal, then shaped to slide between the firewall and the fibre heat shield. Any water from the clips will run down the firewall. Very similar to what you have done.
I also lube the coil boots with dielectric grease where they seal to the plug wells.

I also used dilectric grease on the boots around the well seal, boot to plug interface, and cop to boot interface.

Hope this helps. After the storms yesterday there was no water seen.