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Water in Vapor Canister


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July 10, 2007
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Buffalo, NY
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2006 Explorer Limited
Water in Vapor Canister & Slow Fill: FIXED - Read thread for my repair.

:DStarted having an issue with a slow fill when gassing up. Found water at the Vent seloniod. Basically, water got to the Vapor canister. I found out that the expense of replacing the canister could have been prevented by installing a $5.00 re-designed vent hose that FORD found to be at fault. Now I have to pay around $450 parts/labor to replace it. So if you have a 2006 model and don't have a slow fill problem, get the hose replaced.

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Thanks for the time to post this info bro!

Update - Slow Fill

Did a few other things the other day. First off, The Vapor Canister is located just above the Gas tank on the inside edge and the purge valve is on the passenger side by the rear axial. I originally found water leaking from the solenoid and and cleared what I could from the solenoid to the vent. I tested the solenoid by applying 12 V to the connector and verifying that air flowed. (this did not fix the problem, still had slow fill problems). Per the TSB, it stated that if water was in the vent line, to replace the vapor canister (expensive). Well to make a long story short, I disconnected the hose before the solenoid (vapor canister side), and started on my long drive from TX to NY. To my surprise, on the next fill, I no longer had a fill problem. I then reconnected the hose and it is still working.

I still want to completely disconnect the hose from the Vapor Canister to the solenoid and blow air through it to see if I can get any more water out. Luckily for me, the water didn't make it to the Vapor canister.


I had to have my vapor canister replaced on my Explorer (2006 with 67K) I was getting a gas cap and wrench light, as well as a kick off every about 10 seconds from the gas pump. Fill ups took forever.

I am surprised your's was $400+ to have changed. I got the canister for $96, and a local mechanic (non ford dealer) only charged me $50 to swap it out. So all in all, mine was fixed and it was less than $150.

Vapor Canistor cost

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't pay to have the repair, that's the estimate I got from the dealer to fix it. I couldn't see having to pay that much for this job!. I did find a new canister on-line for $112, and I could replace it myself if it was needed. FORD charges through the nose for labor (they estimated 3-4 hours plus parts).
Luckily, all it was was water in the tube leading to the canister. Once I cleared it, I no longer had a slow fill problem. With that said, I still have to go underneath again to make sure all my hoses are still connected cause the gas cap indicator is now lighting. Personally, I think that the Solenoid went bad and isn't closing anymore. Fortunately, other than the annoying light, everything is working fine.
PS: You're price is more in-line with what it should cost.

Found the latest problem was the vapor solenoid shut off valve. Since water got in it, rust developed and was preventing the valve from closing. I ordered a replacement online for about $46. In the meantime, I took out the solenoid, sprayed a little bit of silicone in it and banged it around. It freed up the valve and seems to be working for now. The gas light no longer comes on and the CEL went out. I'm still going to replace it since I don't know how long this will last before it locks up again.

Bringing back an old thread, but can't you just say f*ck it and disconnect the vent tube and just let it vent to the air? I know it's kinda not right but I'm not gonna play this replace everything and burn my money game lol. I just wanna put gas in my damn truck haha