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I noticed that, thank you. I haven't had to post pictures of anything in a while but thanks for the info. Seems my cracks are in the identical place as above.i'll get pics uploaded one way or another.

here we go
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I had the same issue with my spare tire cover warping which was how I discovered the water in the spare tire area. I noticed the third row seat belts were damp and found the same cracks in the tailgate area just at the end of roof rack channels. The water was getting in there and running down the seat belt (like blwnsmoke references above) into the cargo area. I injected the cracks and glommed the area up with silicone last fall and things have stayed dry throughout the heavy rains and all the melting snow we've had recently here in the northeast.

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My dealer got back to me today. He said they found the leak. Not only did they find the one I told them about, but found another one the drivers side. He said it was the seams. The sealant they use, he said it was some goo or something, seemed to fail. He said I should have it back in a few days.

Just found mine today on my 2013 Ford Explorer, I couldn’t figure out why it smelled so bad in the car. Back hatch where the roof rail meets the door.






yup, check both sides and the middle. Clean off the area and seal with a good quality clear marine sealant. Should be no more leak.

For people who removed the roof racks, was it hard? I saw a video but the guy mentions there is a thin strip of metal that is clipped on and can easily be bent. I am a little worried about trying to take them off because of that....

@Mishtar its very easy if I remember right it's only 3 or 4 screws then it just slides off

There's clips but it's a simple slide and it releases off the roof.

No problem, and I used flex seal 3 coats and then a layer of waterproof sealer

I have a 2014. I have sealed under the roof rack rails, it was easy to remove them. I just started getting the cracks in the sealant on both sides of the hatch.

Passenger Floor Board Soaked with Water

I just purchased a 2018 Ford Explorer XLT. We had a thunderstorm the other day and my vehicle was parked at work. There was no flooding in the area, no windows left down. The passenger side floor board was completely drenched with water. The water was only on the passenger side and under the passenger seat. I took it into the service department and they checked the window seals, air condition, underneath the car. They were gonna test the windshield. They have yet to find the defect or where the water is coming in from. My car has been in the shop for 3 days and they cannot find where water entered the vehicle. This is the ONLY area in the whole vehicle drenched with water. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I have only had the vehicle for 20 days. I haven't even made a payment on it or got my plates in yet. TY

From right moonroof drain not connected?

There exists a grommet high up on the firewall on that side of the vehicle. The windshield wiper fluid line runs through that grommet. That is probably the only other point of failure I can think of on that side of the vehicle.

Don’t have a moon roof
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Check out the following posts, 759, 945 and 1033 in particular. Reports of water entering via the grab handle.


Water leaks can be a pain to find. My 2016 had a leak on the driver side. Noticed water dripping inside when washing the vehicle. I find that sometimes its easier to help the technicians by trying to locate the leak yourself to avoid multiple. . trips to dealership. Use a container of water and and slowly pour the water one area at a time with someone in the vehicle to observe. Typical areas would be around the windshield. Next area would be around tbe door openings both the front doors and the pillar between the fron and rear door. Also when vehicle is dry get a sheet of paper and open the door and shut it with paper in place and pull it out. The friction should be the same in all areas of the door. You would do this around both door openings. I only recalled you mentionrd passenger side but didnt say front or rear.

Don't use a garden hose as water goes everywhere and makes it difficult to isolate the problem

Hate to join this thread. Just bought a used 2013 limited with the fancy moon roof that extends to the back. Well, took it in first time for a clogged drain just a couple weeks ago. Then noticed water in rear and the lift gate was full of water too. It’s currently at shop for the cracks back there. Our local Ford has a collision center and they seem like they are doing all the right stuff to test and fix it. I just talked with them and they were pulling the lift gate to get to all the cracks to fill.

Of course I purchased the Ford Premium Extended Warranty. I know it doesn’t cover water leaks, but this is clearly a manufacturing fault with or without water.

I’ll update later this week with more info and a few pics of the repair.

I really like this vehicle, but will probably only keep it until I find something else.

There are SO many explorers on the road for Ford to have made this mistake and not stand behind a repair. Any ideas why they are not covering it?

Any recommendation on a 3rd row SUV that isn’t known for leaking???

My five year old was sitting in his car seat on the 3rd row and water was running down the seat belt. It occurred for the first time yesterday during a extremely heavy downpour. When I lifted the gate, I noticed that some seams or welds are broken(popped up). I called the dealerships about it and they told me it was $99 just to diagnose it. What does that mean it will cost? I really believe that this is a defect that FORD should fix at no charge to the consumer. I have no way of keeping this from occurring. Please if any of you have experienced this and know the best way to address this, please reach out. Thanks

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The water leaks were much more common in the earlier model years of the 5th generation than they are now. There are many Explorers on the road but I doubt that many of them have this issue. That is probably why there is nothing from Ford on this.