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water leaking into cab


March 5, 2006
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'05 FX4
got a water leak into my cab above the rear window on my 05 extended cab. had a similar issue with my 97. only place i can see a path for water is the rear cab light? anyone else having problems with this or am i snake bit? is there a replacment gasket that will stop the leak?

My '96 had a similar problem; I could see the outline of a water stain on the roof fabric right inside where the 3rd brake light is mounted. All I did was use some "Goop" (that is actually the brand name), an all purpose sealant, and ran a bead of it around the brake light housing. This makes a waterproof seal, and if you ever need to remove that light, you should be able to cut the Goop with a utility knife.

kinda figured i would have to do something like that. i would have thunk ford would have fixed that problem by '05. i have a floor full of wet paperwork and letters i was supposed to mail out...

Mine was never that bad; just enough to notice the stain on the fabric. I had to Dremel out a small portion of the 3rd brake light housing to get an antenna wire into the cab anyway, so I figured it was a good time to Goop the whole thing. I used the clear stuff (dark green truck), and even when your standing by the drivers side door, you don't notice it. I was thinking about trying to make a gasket, as well, but why do through the extra trouble of finding gasket material, tracing a pattern, etc., when you can just run a bead of sealant around the housing? That way my thinking anyway.