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Water leaking into interior on drivers side


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August 31, 2011
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Queens, NY
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1999 Ford Explorer XLT
I have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT and when it rains, water gets into the car and soaks the rug on the drivers side front. I narrowed it down to an area under the cowl cover on the drivers side. I covered it with tar and it seemed to stop for a while but now the same thing is happening. any suggestions? I'm pretty sure this is a known defect with this model and year. thanks in advance for any help.

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It's probably the A/C condesate, not the rain. There is a small tube that goes outside to allow the drainage outside the firewall - it's probably disconnected inside the compartment.

It's the rain.
The same thing happens to my 99 XLT.
Water gets in at the ebrake grommet.
I think it's from the seam sealer where the floor pan meets the firewall panel, under the master cylinder and a bunch of relays. A real ***** to get to.
Search my username for a previous thread with pictures.

I'll mess with it again this fall.

Maybe install a splash shield or something similar.

Oh, I read it wrong, I thought it was on passanger side.

The carpet under the driver's side rear seat seems to get wet after driving through large puddles. I haven't looked into yet though. My plan is to tear out the interior, clean the carpet really well and look for a leak path while everything is out.

I have to park uphill in my driveway. The water travels down the chaseway at the doorsill, wetting the carpet behind the drivers seat. When it rains I pry open a portion of the forward drain plug and park facing downhill. There's a wire bundle in that chaseway.

Thanks for the responses. Last year i took off the drivers side cowl cover and put a hose along the seam between firewall and the cowl and water poured into the area just above the emergency brake pedal. I put some tar in that area and it seemed to stop until a few weeks ago. I blew out the two front drains for the moon roof and my next step is to check where you guys are suggesting. This is very frustrating as I'm sure you guys know. Thanks again