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Water Leaks onto Rear Headrests ?


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January 27, 2009
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2010 Limited V8 4X4

I have a 2008 Sport Trac XLT 4X4 with 5,000 miles...bought 2 weeks ago.

Even after a mild rain, BOTH rear headrests are saturated with water and there are water droplets on the interior plastic trim piece above the sliding rear window.

Anyone else experience this?

My gut feeling is that the leak is NOT from the glass or the window seals? My guess is that it's from the HighMount 3rd Brake Light or even the roof rack? Yes, I can take to the dealer, but I don't want them taking my 'new' truck apart unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks for any help...my light cloth seats cannot keep getting wet!

ST4X4 in FL

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Should be covered on warranty, I'd take it to the dealer. Is the headliner wet too, or just the headrests? If the headliner is wet I'd say brake light, if it's just the headrests I'd say window.

After two weeks with my 07 Sport-Trac XLT I realized today that mine does this exact same thing. Sorry to revive and old thread, but was there ever a solution/answer to the problem?

Check the HMSL. Notorious for leaking on the F150, and a similar design on the ST.

My 2010 Adrenalin Sport Trac does the same thing!:mad:

Its the third brake light leaking...take it to the dealership and tell them to replace it and your headliner if the water stained it (thats what I did)

rack load?


I had the same issue little time ago when I made a custom roof rack on my exp xlt, It seams that I tigth too much to the roof rails and I was opening some seals. I get water leak inside. I loosen a little one of the screws and everitying back to normality.

I thing it is a different issue from yours but it could be something to consider.

Its the third brake light leaking...take it to the dealership and tell them to replace it and your headliner if the water stained it (thats what I did)

The manufacturer's warranty is expired and I don't think the warranty I purchased (from a company thru my bank) covers this sort of thing. Dealer won't fix it w/ out a warranty will they?

I'll probably just get some silicone and seal it myself just to save the headache. I've read on here that has worked for several folks

It probably couldn't hurt to try and see if they would fix it...if you raise enough hell and tell them you'll never come back because of lack of consumer care, they might do it for ya. Otherwise I would just seal up the light, but if you ever blow a bulb you're gonna have a fun time removing it.

My 3rd brake light was leaking.....took it off and cleaned up the surface and siliconed........f150's are known for this also......crappy design.....

Thats what I did also. It had been to the dealer 4 times for the same problem. The last time they would not fix it. They said it was my sun roof. They flat out lied. So I took it off and siliconed it. So far so good.

Same leak

Removed the brake light housing--cleaned gasket--applied silicone grease to the gasket--reinstalled. Four months no further leakage.

I think we have just about all gone through this with the 2nd generation S.T. I tried several types of 3M gaskets, but finally broke down and used silicone.....no leaks over the past 8 months.

Just did some more car wash testing and my 10 STA does the same thing. My truck is under warranty so I'm sure they'll replace the light but if the design is the same this will obviously happen again... I don't want to resort to silicone but it looks as tho it may not have a choice.

I've experienced the same with my 2010 STA

I never developed the leak, but I did replace the assembly before it started a couple of years ago. The replacement unit came with a gasket twice the thickness of the original....just an fyi