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Water proofing my 1st gen


April 7, 2006
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hills grove, pa
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Another project just arose for my explorer. I just about a cabin out in the mountains about 2hrs away from my apartment. To get to my new cabin you have to drive threw a creek, Now on a regular day the creek is roughly 1 1/2'-2' deep right around 12' wide. But when it rains a lot, the creek can rise to 3' and the common the previous owner said, but the highest it ever was...3 1/2'!

I already extended the diff breathers and make a small snorkle type thing for my intake. But whatelse can i do to waterproof it more.

If i havent stated my explorer has a 2.5" duff kit stage 2, with spacers and custom leafs for 4" of lift, 33 ltbs, aussie locker.

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how are your door seals? and ifff something ever did happen like get water in your car your computer would be fried. look around here there is a way to relocte it behind your glove box with out rewireing.

...how about a body lift too??? and start looking at all your penetrations thru the firewall and floorboard...:D

make sure you grease suspension parts often...if your going to be going through water often i would spraypaint or somekind of coating to the parts tht can rust.....what about the brakes could there be a problem there?

a winch in case you dont make it across, battery inside the cab, e fan, waterproof your electrical connections (die electric grease, silicoln), and re-locate the computer for sure. I would think 3.5' of water could easily push the mechanical fan into your radiator, I have seen alot of guys protect their radiator with some metal (like a round BBQ grill) so the fan cant push into the radiator

3.5' of water is ALOT!! If you get stuck that water is coming in the cab, speakers and interior may suffer!! I would think some drains in the cab would be a good idea for when it does happen....

You definatley dont want to leave it sitting in the water so a winch or come along may be helpful...heck maybe leave a come along in the creek crossing spot?

You NEED to extend the breathers for your trans and t case FOR SURE
You may want to seal up the dipstick for the engine oil AND the trans (if you have an auto)

If I was going to cross 3.5' of water in my truck often I would prepare it for getting stuck in the middle just in case....thats too deep for my taste

Is the creek rock or mud or what on the banks and bottom?

Have you tried googling this or searching for this topic on this and other off road forums?

...i googled it for 3 1/2' water crossing and it showed a boat, some rope, scuba gear, and paddles for accesories, lol...:scratch:

I have seen a full size blazer with such large tires it floats across the river....

Maybe consider like 48's and an outboard!

Electrical connections would be the biggest problem, You might want to consider looking into something like a Land Rover Defender if you need to get through that much water.

...lol, i know what you mean 410...i learned along time ago to beware of water on property that people are selling...words like sub-irrigated means it will be underwater up to the house when it rains...not that it will be watered in the summer as they would like you to believe...

...i guess the best advise is to be really careful at all water crossings, especially ones you don't know the history of...i am sure the local neighbors could fill you in...;)

scuba mask flippers o2 tank and when you get to land you may want fishing pole if its a little muddy i would throw in a bunch rock or something.

I have a kkm, 2 inch lift, 31s, 3.73 limited slip gears and exstended breathers, and they work great together. I have gone through many crossdings, but one time i went in to a crossing/pond and at one point the water washed over the hood. Most of it was not that deep though. It scared me enough to know not to do it again but nothing went wrong, thank god.

basicly seal all electrical connectors. battery inside the truck. door seals. floor drains. relocate computer. maybe remove carpet and rhino line it or something like that. snorkel winch tow points front and rear. you should be set. maybe even lift a lil more. make sure you check all your berings and grease everything often

the creek is baiscly a mountain spring so it doesnt get to fast. It is all rocks, where my driveway is stone, there are some larger rocks in the creek, but mostly small stone. my explorer made it in 2wd the last time i was there it was 2' at the time.

The record for the creek is 3 1/2', from 2000.

I did make a man bridge out of the trees i cut down.

i would seriously build a bridge. if the creek is on your property, find a junkyard, scrapyard or whatever, and buy a whole bunch of big ol' pipes! pile them up and put rocks over them! it will probably be cheaper than trying to totally waterproof your rear diff.

amen. or get a diesel and lift it. dont have to worry about the ignition system on that at least.

re-locate the computer for sure

Now if I'm not mistaken the computer is located in the passenger side kick panel, anybody got a picture or explanation of how and where to move it to.

This is a random thought, but don't they make waterproof bearing grease for boats..... that might be helpful. Just a thought


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of course i cant find it now.