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Water pump help


December 4, 2010
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Marysville, WA
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I'm changing the water pump in my 94 Ranger 3.0. I've seen the clutch fan tool for the bigger motor (like the one used in the sticky thread) but I'm not finding anything for my application. I have a hex formed shaft between the pulley and the fan that seems to be somewhere in the vicinity of 22mm. I have tried to strap wrench the pulley and then break the fan, but to no avail. An additional complication is that my shroud was gone prior to my ownership so there is no indication as to left or right threads (I’m told that info is found on the shroud??). If anyone has pointers for me or knows of a tool that I can get to help I would really appreciate it.


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February 5, 2003
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Covington, Kentucky
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92 XL 2-door and others
Have you tried the local auto parts stores for a tool yet? Advance, Auto zone etc. They will rent the tool kit and you can even purchase it if you want. The fan tool kits usually come with many sizes, so the chances of it having what you need is good. I bought one this way through Advance auto.

I would assume all the fan clutches were reverse threaded, but I have never taken a 3.0 fan off yet. You may want to look at the ranger forum or on The Ranger Station website to be sure.