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water pump leak.


July 30, 2014
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North Port, FL
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03 Eddie Bauer 2wd V8
i just did the oil adapter gasket and filled the cooling system back up and ran the truck for a while and parked it.
i came home a couple hours later and saw that there is antifreeze leaking from the balencer and see that its coming from the WP. now i am thinking if its just the gasket that i can us gasket maker for a new one, right???

if its the WP then i will just replace the whole thing.

The gasket is a large O-ring and it costs about $4.00 A new pump is about $41.00 and it includes a new O-ring. A remanufactured pump is $45.00 and does not include O-ring. The new one at Autozone looks like an OEM pump. Yours probably leaking at the weep hole. Don't forget to "rent" the fan clutch removal tool, it makes life easier.

+1 on that fan clutch removal tool. You'll spend more time f'ing with the fan assembly than you do on the actual repair if you don't have the removal tool. Wish I didn't know that firsthand.

thx for the tips and i found that a monkey wrench works well from working on an 97 jeep.
ill try it but get the fan tool if needed.
thx, ill buy the gasket tomorrow and update on the monkey wrench idea.