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Water under baseboard - need help with sourcing/stopping


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January 12, 2023
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Los Angeles CA
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2005 Ford Explorer Sport
Hi all,

I drive a 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac that I've owned from new.

I currently live in LA where it never rains - until recently. After several days of heavy rainfall, I've discovered a decent amount of water under the passenger side floorboard, and in particular under the plastic covering where the door meets the floor. See photos attached.

Any idea where this could be coming from? The headliner and upper areas seem dry. I only drove through one noticeable puddle that was maybe 8-10 inches deep at most.

Thanks for the any advice, on the source or how to continue to fix/prevent!!


69523713580__19B439E7-957F-4DFD-81A8-214BB9D14932.JPG 69523717223__F77EF543-9D23-4345-BBA7-FEEAECAEBFD4.JPG IMG_9628.JPG IMG_9629.JPG

Door gaskets? Guess you could check with a garden hose.

Try pouring some water on the front right side of the sunroof water catch. The drain tube could be busted or do as joney said and hit the door with a water hose. Can also hit the front window as well and see if it is coming from there. You can always pull some of the rubber plugs and leave them out so the water can drain if you don't find were it is coming from.

I had a leak issue with my rear sliding window that caused water to gather on the right side channel and get under the passenger side baseboard. So you might wanna check that as well.

Leaky door seal
Leaky windshield
Plugged sunroof drain
Bad heater core (make sure it’s not coolant/water mix coming from heater core behind glove box)